Magic Painting

For the first time since his birth his parents made the trip back to their home town.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were visited.  A lot of fuss was made of his little brother and baby sister.  Family resemblences were exclaimed over and discussed. 

That evening he was allowed to stay up.  He was given a magic painting book and put in the dining room while the adults talked in the living room.  Their muffled voices came through the door behind him.   He sat at the pristine dining table, dipped his brush in water and watched the white spaces in the pictures fill with colour.  After a while the voices grew louder and he stopped to listen.

                                                          crumbling fort
                                                         sunlight strikes
                                                        the Rosetta stone

Frogpond 36 : 3



About Rob

Amateur photographer and haijin.
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